Petition by to stop Canada’s legalization of assisted suicide. Excerpt from article below:

Canada’s Supreme Court has just overturned the country’s ban on assisted suicide, meaning that doctors will now be allowed to actively participate in bringing about the deaths of their patients.

If the colleges of physicians in places like Ontario and Saskatchewan have their way, doctors could very well be forced to end their patients’ lives.

This shocking ruling goes against the clear will of Parliament, which overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to legalize euthanasia in 2010 by a vote of 226 to 59.

Homily on Canada’s Assisted Suicide Ruling by Archbishop of Vancouver Michael Miller

Excerpt written below:

Last Friday, Feb. 6, 2015, was a sad, even tragic, day for our country. The Supreme Court of Canada aired grievously in stripping Canadians of the protection that, up until then, the law had afforded us against assisted suicide. As Canadians, we are now confronted with the sobering fact that our nation’s highest court has set itself up in direct opposition to the law of God: “Thou shall not kill.” I don’t believe we can exaggerate the gravity of this new situation in which we now find ourselves.

Among the consequences of this ruling is that the government is no longer concerned with protecting human life until its natural end; that the direct killing of another person who asked for it is legally acceptable; and that our nations publicly funded health-care system is now the place for the deliberate killings of human beings.

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