The Resurrection of Christ

He is Risen!

Happy Easter! Here are some inspiring Easter reflections on the meaning of this holiday and the truth about the resurrection of Christ.

Evidence for and Importance of the Resurrection of Christ

Evidence for the Resurrection of Christ – Catholic Apologetics. This is a very in-depth refutation of the common sceptical objections to the resurrection. A very valuable resource.

The Importance of the Resurrection of Christ by Raymond Taouk. Another excellent resource to study and meditate on regarding the Lord’s resurrection.

More general Catholic apologetics online information. Note: audio plays automatically when page is opened.

Fr. Robert Barron on the Meaning of Easter

Fr. Barron – Sermon 693 : Easter Sunday : The Great Hope of Easter : 4/20/2014

Fr. Barron – Sermon 431 : Easter Sunday : The Resurrection of Jesus is Not a Myth : 4/12/2009

Jesus Is Resurrected –

Jesus Is Resurrected –